About US

About Us

"If math is a puzzle that's got you perplexed or if it's a mystery that's got you enchanted... we're so glad you found us! "

GainIIT is an online math coaching class where our experienced digital tutors are available 24/7 to solve your problems and help you crack any exam including Olympiads, JEE, engineering entrance exams, GMAT, GRE etc.

Math is not just a subject, it is a state of mind.

Our digital tutors have a proven track record of producing rankers and toppers. Whether you're looking for online engineering math classes, school-level intensive training for Olympiads, or you're just a fellow math lover looking for some recreational math, we have something for everyone! We are aware that each student has a different need, a distinct learning style and is unique. The digital tutors at GainIIT are quick to tailor their teaching style and content based on individual requirements to maximise potential and ensure excellence.

The GainIIT digital platform is the Math coaching class of tomorrow.

Our tutors use modern teaching methodologies and techniques to deliver their online courses. Get access to concise study material, doubt-solving live sessions, assignments, mock tests etc.

Our in-house team of expert math superheroes can help you -
  • TRAIN for any entrance exam using state-of-the art technology, live interactive sessions, mock tests, study material, doubt-solving sessions etc.
  • GAIN the skills you need to become a math superhero and solve math problems at any level, of any type
    And most importantly...
  • GAIN an infinite love of mathematics
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